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[Storing PP high-strength yarn]
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How should PP high-strength yarn be stored?

PP high-strength yarn is actually one of the chemical fiber products we often talk about. Polypropylene high-strength yarn has very good use characteristics and is very convenient to use, and PP high-strength yarn is also very convenient to carry, easy to operate, not easy to damage, not easy to wear , can work for a long time is a product that is often used in our chemical fiber materials.

Shanghai Jinci Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006. It is a large entity company specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene (PP yarn). The company's products include polypropylene high-strength yarn, PP high-strength yarn, polypropylene light body yarn, polypropylene plus yarn Twisted yarn, polypropylene hollow yarn, polypropylene fluorescent yarn, polypropylene luminous yarn, polypropylene flame retardant yarn, polypropylene hollow yarn, etc.

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