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[Polypropylene high strength filament!]
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Polypropylene high strength filament production process and characteristics!

1. Process flow

The production process of high strength polypropylene fiber mainly includes: raw material pretreatment, melting rotation, cooling lubrication, tensile shaping and other links. Among them, the raw material pretreatment is to improve the quality of the fiber, remove the impurities in the textile raw materials, and improve the strength and elongation while ensuring the color and gloss of the fiber. The melting rotation link is used to heat and melt the pre-treated raw materials, so that the fibers become liquid state, and the fibers are uniformly cooled and solidified to form filament strips by rotating carding and other ways. Cooling and lubrication process through water cooling and oil lubrication, so that the surface of the wire strip uniform lubrication, reduce the surface tension of the wire strip, reduce the breaking rate. Finally, the fibers are stretched and shaped to form a certain strength and fineness.

2. Features and uses

Polypropylene high strength yarn has high strength and elongation, ultraviolet resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to fade and other characteristics, widely used in industrial, medical, sporting goods and other fields.

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