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[Digital transformation for the textile industry]
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What opportunities does digital transformation bring to the textile industry?

Today, the digital transformation of the textile industry has achieved varying degrees of progress in automation, intelligence, production management, low energy consumption, flexible production, and supply chain management.

Specifically, there are production data collection + intelligent equipment to realize data connection and management; informatization software and system construction, complete lean analysis to optimize production, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the digital level of product manufacturing; connect external enterprises and optimize supply chain collaboration. For small batches and customized orders, flexible production is realized and an information-based supply chain management system is built.

Shanghai Jinci Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006. It is a large entity company specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene (PP yarn). The company's products include PP high-strength yarn, polypropylene high-strength yarn, polypropylene anti-aging yarn, polypropylene plus Twisted yarn, PP hollow yarn, polypropylene fluorescent yarn, PP luminous yarn, polypropylene flame retardant yarn, PP hollow yarn, etc.

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