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[What changes will the textile industry face?]
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In the 5G era, what changes will the textile industry face?

5G is the fifth generation communication technology. Compared with 4G, 5G has the characteristics of ultra-high network speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-wide connection. It can be said that 5G is a revolutionary technology.

The 5G network delay can be as low as 1 millisecond, which is much faster than the human body's stress response (such as automatic braking faster than human response, reducing the dizziness caused by current VR), so it can be widely used in the field of automatic control, such as Unmanned driving, industrial control, remote operation and maintenance, etc.

In the intelligent manufacturing process, 5G will achieve unprecedented interaction and coordination between industrial robots and between industrial robots and machines and equipment. In the flexible manufacturing model, 5G will meet the high requirements for flexible mobility and differentiated business processing of industrial robots.

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