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[Five basic application areas of PP FDY yarn!]
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Five basic application areas of PP FDY yarn!

What are the daily applications of PP FDY yarn?

PP FDY yarn, because of its good quality and performance, PP FDY yarn is widely used in fire belt, sling, safety belt, conveyor belt, woven geotextile, industrial thread, cable, industrial filter cloth and other products and fields, is to replace polyester, polyamide, ethylene fiber, nylon, glass fiber of the new ideal material.

The basic application areas of polypropylene FDY yarn are roughly divided into five categories:

(1) Line type

Polypropylene wire made of high-strength polypropylene filament, because of its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, good elasticity and other characteristics, Mainly used in woven bag sewing, football, volleyball, baseball, yo-yo thread, cable thread, net thread, shoe line, luggage line, kite line, twisted edge line, waste edge line, container bag special line, sewing line, banknote string, curtain line, construction line, engineering line, ribbon line, toy line, umbrella line, optical cable winding wire, fishing net line and other industries.

(2) Rope nets

Ropes made of high-strength polypropylene filament and nets for construction, transportation, agriculture, fisheries and sports activities have high breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and safety.

(3) Tape class

Using the characteristics of high strength, light weight and high breaking strength of high strength polypropylene filament, it can be made into flexible container bags, safety belts, high pressure fire hose and agricultural hose and other products that require high safety factor.

(4) Types of cloth

With high-strength polypropylene filament woven geotextile, suitable for highways, railways, airports, seawall, canals, reservoirs, harbons and Bridges and other engineering projects, with no need to break, build cofferdam, dam drainage and speed, high efficiency, investment province, good quality and other advantages, especially in the case of large load, woven geotextile than non-woven geotextile has many unique features. Using its acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, no water absorption, light weight, good stability, good filter stripping and other advantages, can be made of high-strength polypropylene fiber filter cloth, mainly used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, light industry, food, environmental protection and other industries.

(5) polypropylene staple fiber

Polypropylene round, three-leaf, triangular short fiber, widely used in cement concrete, paper, health materials and other fields.

With the continuous progress of contemporary science and technology and the continuous expansion of the field of industrial textiles, polypropylene FDY silk will facilitate our lives in more areas.

Shanghai Jinci Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in March 2006, is a large entity company specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene fiber (PP yarn). The company's products include polypropylene general filament, PP high-strength yarn, polypropylene light body filament, polypropylene twist filament, polypropylene hollow filament, polypropylene fluorescent filament, polypropylene luminous filament, polypropylene flame retardant filament, polypropylene air variable filament, etc.

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