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[Advantages and uses of polypropylene FDY silk!]
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Advantages and uses of polypropylene FDY silk!

Polypropylene FDY wire advantages: high strength, light weight, anti-aging, wear resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, good elasticity, good luster, bright color, easy to clean and do not fade, low cost, environmental protection, light weight, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, no moisture absorption, broken and other advantages.

Polypropylene FDY wire main uses: safety net, safety belt, lifting belt, woven bag container bag, construction line, engineering line.

Shanghai Jinci Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in March 2006, is a large entity company specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene fiber (PP yarn). The company's products include polypropylene general filament, PP high-strength yarn, polypropylene light body filament, polypropylene twist filament, polypropylene hollow filament, polypropylene fluorescent filament, polypropylene luminous filament, polypropylene flame retardant filament, polypropylene air variable filament, etc.

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